When time travel was invented everyone thought it would solve their problems. But for 22 year old Kannon Jarratt it's about to turn her life upside down ...

Left for dead in the Blue Mountains when she was just a baby, Kannon has now discovered that an American Time Marshal, Victoria Dupree, could be her real mother. But Victoria has gone missing in ancient Rome while investigating the Hierophant, the mysterious leader of the Isis cult.

Kannon desperately wants to find Victoria but the US National Time Administration is standing in her way...

The Timestalker Series
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         "Kannon? Is that a Japanese name?"
         "Yes, but an unusual one," I said.
         "So there's a story behind it?"
         He noticed my hesitation. "Tell me."
         I didn't really want to go into this.
         "Go on," he insisted.
         "Well...I was two years old when I was found dumped in that cave. I was a real mess.
I couldn't sleep or eat. So the hospital pumped me full of sedatives. When they finally let Yuki,
my new foster mother, take me home she had to wean me off the drugs. She used to hold me
all night and when I woke up with night terrors she'd tell me stories...sing to me. Anything to
calm me down."
         I stopped. This was getting a bit too personal for my own comfort.
         He prompted me again. "Go on."
         "Well because Yuki was bought up as a Buddhist, when things got really bad she
prayed to Kannon, the Japanese Bodhisattva of Compassion."
         "A bodhisattva.... An enlightened being who stays on Earth until all souls achieve
liberation. 'Kannon' literally means 'she who hears all cries for help'. Anyway, in the end I
thought my name was Kannon."

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